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"Add as many iPads to the account and take customer order directly from the table! It saves a lot of time and shoot order to kitchen directly from the table"
Here are the Top 8 Reasons why Restaurants are choosing Datio Point of Sale and Cash Register ...

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Datio Restaurant Cash Register

Track your reports online from any device. Keep track of whats sold in your restaurant remotely.
Print your Order tickets to the Kitchen.
Accept all forms of Payment - Cash or Credit or Split a check.
Pickup or Delivery - Lookup a customer by Name or Phone number.

Once you have the base system, you can add as many Mini ipad to the same account and take customer order directly from the table. If you have 5 waiters, then add 5 mini ipad to the account and all 5 waiters can carry them around to take orders. Its saves a lot of time and shoot order to kitchen directly from the table.
- By Benson, Restaurant Owner on Oct 07, 2018

iPad Restaurant Point of Sale Cash Register

Datio Restaurant Cash Register

I researched every system and read every review on every system. I wanted to take my time evaluating but always came back to the Datio POS system not only because of all the raving reviews but what the system could offer me and my business, i.e. tracking inventory, reports, cost of goods, etc. I am so glad I chose this system - the set-up was a breeze, the tech that helped me was so nice and knowledgeable. I own a retail store and have a huge inventory of product, It was so easy to add all my product, create item numbers/sku’s or add item barcodes in if I wish to scan product. I love the fact that I’m now adding a restaurant to my retail store and the Datio system will accommodate that side of the business as well. I have been using my Datio POS system for a year now and still love it....have had zero issues. Also it’s nice looking. I am definitely the envy of all the business owners in my community. Do yourself a favor, it’s hard enough to own a business so why worry about your POS will not regret it!
- By Amazon Verified Restaurant Owner on Oct 09, 2018

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with not only this ipad point of sale but with the excellent customer service and technical support.When I first started looking into POS stations I wasn't sure what to expect?..when I first called to enquire about this certain POS I spoke to a nice sales rep named Babs..she was eager to answer any questions I asked.I was sceptical on purchasing a POS and use my I-pad as well?..nevertheless I was curious being there joined with how this new system worked?..So i purchased it. After connecting it with my I-pad..which is compatible with most if not all..It was a breeze to setup, and program my restaurant items..when i had a question about editing and a few other things I called the technical support(John) who walked me through step by step to bring me to my goals.Honestly I haven't had this good of customer service in a long time, and it's easy to set up(for dummie s like me)I had to share my experience..Thanks John and Babs for making the world a better place:)))
- By Restaurant Owner on Aug 28, 2016

iPad Restaurant Point of Sale Cash Register
Datio Restaurant Cash Register

Great!! I use this POS in my restaurant we can print kitchen ticket. I am not a very tech savvy person and took me less than 10 minutes to setup everything. This is very simple and works perfect. Excellent support is always there to help.
- By Tanya on Mar 03, 2018

It’s flashy I get compliments on it all the time. This weekend I took it vending and ran it with an inverter and was able to take credit cards! I have had to call them on small things and they always helped me out.
- By SnowFlake SmokeHouse - Barbecue Restaurant on March 13, 2018

Apple iPad Restaurant Point of Sale