Best iPad Point of Sale for Salon

Best Point Of Sale for your Convenience and Grocery Store. Manage large Inventory.

See how Datio Point Of Sale can help transform your Convenience Store and Grocery Store.

Best POS on the market today, bar none!!! My Deli / Convenience store sales continue to significantly increase thanks to all of the homes being built in the area. However, the hardest part over the past 5 years has been finding the perfect POS that could do everything I need it to do, to help run my growing business more efficiently. Well, after trying 4 different POS systems in the last 5 years my search has ended, THANK YOU DATIO!!! Not only does it do all of the back end reporting I need to track sales and merchandise, it is an all in one unit that looks good on the counter (added bonus) and is very easy to use / set up. With the bluetooth receipt printer and cc reader there are very few wires to clutter up my counter. Not being a "techie" I occasionally need a little extra help, if I need to speak with someone at Datio or text a question, I always hear back very quickly. With my business, when it comes to sales and my POS, everything is URGENT, so the systems customer service / tech support is very important to me and my success. Keep up the good work Datio, you've found a customer for life in me.
- By Mike, Convenience Store Owner on Jan 21, 2018

iPad Convenience Store Point of Sale Cash Register
Datio Convenience Store Cash Register

Track your Inventory and Sales.
Get SMS or email alerts when your stock is low. Use the built-in scanner to scan your items.
Accept all forms of Payment, Cash, Credit. Split the bill in Cash or Credit.
View reports from any device remotely or when you are in store.

Convenience Store Mode
Enter price when you scan your item. Prompt for price is our new version of an old fashion PLU (price look up). This feature can be used by a store that might have hundreds or thousands of items and don't want to add each item. If you did want to add thousands of items, send us your spread sheet and we will do it for you. Prompt for price is an alternative to adding each item. Prompt for price is a way to add an item called "Drinks" or "Beer" or "Chips". But instead of entering a price for each of these items when you select the item the system will ask your for the price.

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