Credit Card processing

We have two ways to use Datio POS and credit cards.

First Option is to use Vantiv so the credit card reader on the Base Station is active and completely integrated. Setup credit card processing

To set up credit cards call Vantiv our processing partner at 800-846-4472. You will need name of business, tax payer ID which might be a EIN number or your social security number, address and other contact information. You will also need a bank account to have the funds deposited into from Vantiv each day. You can also apply online from our App. In Extra\Apply for Credit Card Processing.

Second option is to use what we call Terminal Credit.

Turn on this feature from Extras\Custom Setup\Terminal Credit. With this feature turned on you will have a choice for cash or credit sale. During credit sale you will be prompted to swipe the customer’s credit card on your secondary terminal supplied by your bank. You can still enable tips with this feature. See Terminal credit feature section.